Crossover: A Dribbble WordPress Widget

I created Crossover to be a simple WordPress Dribbble widget that allows you to display your shots.

Minimal and lightweight, Crossover weighs in at only 7kb and keeps features to a minimum to avoid bloat and reduce concerns of breakage.

Big thanks goes to Tyle Gaw for making his Jribbble plugin which sits at the heart of Crossover.


  • Add a players name and pull down their dribbble shot(s).
  • Pick between 3 pre-defined image sizes.
  • Set the number of shots you want to display.


  • WordPress 3+
  • jQuery 1.3 or higher (comes included with WordPress)

Installation & Usage

First things first, download Crossover and save it on your computer.

Go to Plugins page within WordPress and click Add New. You’ll want to click Upload and chose the file you saved and click Install Now. After that is finished, click Activate to enable it.

Then go to Widgets within WordPress and drag Crossover to the sidebar you want it to appear on. Set your Dribbble player name, image size, and shot count and click Save. You are good to go!

One more thing before you go. Do you need CSS styling? Just target the .shot class.